Project glad strategies

Even though all of us were able to disseminate information within our grade-levels regarding Project-Based Learning, this instructional approach was the focus for the fourth and fifth grade levels. Some teachers shudder at the thought of having all of the students out of their desks moving around the classroom at the same time, but in reality, it can be a very effective technique for classroom management.

Teaching With Glad

It's important to model with students that there are various clues that we can use when trying to figure out the meaning of an unknown word.

They have loads of landforms activities and I chose a sorting one that was a great intro to the different landforms and bodies of water-- students cut out the picture and glued it next to the correct definition. Teams decide one area they are doing well with and one area they should improve on.

They were well behaved, worked well together, and really did try their best to learn. Then we asked students to "put their heads together" in a cooperative group and make a prediction about the meaning of the word.

The entire class was Hispanic and spoke Spanish at home. Project GLAD training provides intensive professional development to teachers of English learners, and one of the best things about the training is that teachers will be able to see the strategies being taught in action!

As teachers we need to sometimes explicitly tell students the meaning to certain vocabulary words, but at other times we also need to assist students with learning how to become "word detectives" and figure out the meaning of the word on their own.

Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD)

The final group informed us that they predicted that it meant "knowledge" because the part "olog" in the word sounded like the word "knowledge". I have composed a few Interactive Read Aloud lesson plans for grade levels K-5th. Interactive Read Aloud is a time to employ think-aloud to uncover what good readers do while reading to improve comprehension of texts.

How do you teach your English language learners in your classroom? Another group expressed a similar prediction stating that it must be a scientist who went to college.

There were lots of trees in the forest. How do you teach your English language learners in your classroom?

Using Gallery Walks in the Classroom

Picture File Cards Research: Since another one of our TIIP grant team members who teaches third grade has already been trained, he will be a support to that grade level as they are being introduced to Project-Based Learning. Did someone tell you what they thought the word meant?

GLAD is a strandards-based ELD instructional model that promotes high levels of academic language and achievement for students at all levels of English proficiency. They used the paperclip to add texture to things like the waterfall or canyon: Because we would be sharing paint trays and may all want blue at the same time, how could we work together to make sure we were able to paint and also function well as a table group?

Each student opens her presentation on one computer and inserts a slide at the end for comments.Aug 18,  · GLAD Resources from SAUSD Hi everyone, Santa Ana Unified School District website is a terrific resource for GLAD strategies and units!

They have K-5 units, about 3 per grade level. There are links to pages for GLAD strategies which were not working when I visited, but said "coming soon".

Teaching Strategies for English Language Learners

Project GLAD Landforms of Washington State Landforms of Washington State Spokane Public Schools, Project GLAD () 3 EALR 3: GEOGRAPHY The student uses a spatial perspective to make reasoned decisions by applying the concepts of location region, and.

Project GLAD promotes an educational setting that produces effective, literate students. It is a model of respect for diversity not only in language and ethnicity, but, also, in. international pricing (International price) The equilibrium product price that results from international trade.

strategies A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim The art of planning and directing overall military operations and movements in a war or battle A plan for such military operations and movements (strategic) relating to.

Project GLAD Study Year 1 Findings. Preliminary results from the first scientific study of OCDE Project GLAD® (Guided Language Acquisition Design) suggest that the popular instructional model may improve literacy outcomes for English language learners, without slowing down their English proficient peers.

Strategies for Enhancing Spanish Grammar

Three Units for a Sixth-Grade Ancient History Course Lisa Verdon-Luckowski Dwight-Englewood School Englewood, New Jersey Subject: Social Studies Level: Grade 6 Length of Unit: Varies Creative writing project- students must demonstrate their understanding of Phoenician trade and apply lessons in grammar, vocabulary, and math.

Project glad strategies
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