Biodiversity and biodiversity indices essay

The only way to preserve ecosystems is to reduce our worldwide consumption significantly. On the other hand, although the only species in a genus carries more genetic novelty, a species belonging to a large genus might possess something of the evolutionary vitality that has led its genus to be so diverse.

Thus we can see that biodiversity which is crucial for the Biodiversity and biodiversity indices essay being of life on earth, is coming under the threat of many factors related to human activities. The list is by no means complete, however.

All of these hotspots are endangered by factors such as timber harvesting and slash-and-burn clearing driven by strong demand for tropical timber, the expansion of the mining industry and the cultivation of crops such as oil palms, sugar cane and soy. The United Nations declared to be the International Year of Biodiversity to celebrate life on earth and underscore its precious nature.

The increase in species richness and complexity… Although examining counts of species is perhaps the most common method used to compare the biodiversity of various places, in practice biodiversity is weighted differently for different species, the reason being that some species are deemed more valuable or more interesting than others.

They often overlook the fact that biodiversity is a decisive factor in the provision of ecosystem services. One of the key issues in India was funding for biodiversity conservation.

By comparison, only around 30 tree species are native to the United Kingdom. Specific pressures and linkages between health and biodiversity include: The content — i. A further major issue is the dramatic rise of organized, commercial poaching.

Biodiversity changes affect ecosystem functioning and significant disruptions of ecosystems can result in life sustaining ecosystem goods and services. Almost all the Hawaiian species, however, are found only there, whereas the species on continents may be much more widespread.

Does species diversity follow any patterns? British economics professor Sir Nicolas Stern put it quite succinctly: How much will rescuing biodiversity cost? What alternative options are there for protecting biodiversity?

Why Is Biodiversity Important? Who Cares?

The signatories to the convention commit to the protection of biodiversity, its sustainable use and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the use of resources. What is being done to preserve biodiversity and its hotspots? For plants that are domesticated, such as rice, these differences may be of considerable economic importance, for they are the source of new disease-resistant domestic varieties.

Medicinal plant use is the most common medication tool in traditional medicine and complementary medicine worldwide. Longer term changes in climate affect the viability and health of ecosystems, influencing shifts in the distribution of plants, pathogens, animals, and even human settlements.

Given this, one can ask whether it is a species belonging to the former or latter category that is more important. Forest and prairie are just two of a plethora of names applied to ecological assemblages defined in a variety of ways, methods, and terms, and many ideas exist regarding what constitutes an assemblage.

Biological sources provide many industrial materials.


Money alone will not save biodiversity, however. What was the Hyderabad Conference on Biological Diversity all about?

These estimates omit bacteria because of the practical problems in defining bacterial species. With this classification, Raunkiaer aimed to understand plants strategies to face cold climates. Most concepts revolve mainly around attaching a monetary value to nature to determine how natural resources can be used to generate maximum revenue.

Your contributions toward protecting biodiversity are limited only by your imagination. Many communities rely on natural products collected from ecosystems for medicinal and cultural purposes, in addition to food.

For example, while factoring in environmental costs could make healthy produce more expensive too, expanding production of healthier foods could help contain costs rises to some extent. Avoid products that contain palm oil. Why is biodiversity so important and worthy of protection?Essay Indicators for Monitoring Biodiversity: A Hierarchical Approach REED F.

NOSS* US. Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Research Laboratory Corvallis, ORU.S.A. Abstract: Biodiversity is presently a minor consideration in environmental policy. biodiversity is typically lower than in an undisturbed community. Task: In this activity we will use three indices (measuring tools) of diversity to measure.

Biodiversity or biological diversity refers to the variety of life forms: the different form. This plants, animals and microorganisms, the genes they contain, and the ecosystems they living wealth is the product of hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary history/5(2).

Biodiversity is defined as a variation of animals, plants or other living things in an environment. Humans, however, do not aware of this biodiversity resulting to unacceptable behavior to the earth. Climate change and global warming are amongst the threats to the earth's biodiversity.

Biodiversity, also called biological diversity, the variety of life found in a place on Earth or, often, the total variety of life on Earth.

A common measure of this variety, called. Published: Mon, 02 Apr Biodiversity components. Biodiversity includes existing species in a place, within species phenotypic and genotypic variation, and also the spatial and temporal variation in the communities and ecosystems contributed by the constituent species (Tilman ).

Biodiversity and biodiversity indices essay
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